Village overview

The Ultimate in Retirement Villages. Three years of intensive research into many retirement villages around the country has resulted in the Fountains Retirement Village, where we provide the very best in affordable accommodation with all the added features and benefits to make your retirement years and lifestyle the envy of all your peers.

Aesthetic architecture. Our contemporary homes are all architecturally designed, professionally engineered and built to optimise natural lighting and comfortable living with an emphasis on energy saving. They are constructed with a minimum carbon footprint specifically to comply with proposed energy saving legislation expected to be passed in 2009.

Magnificent gardens. The emphasis is on maximising your outdoor living activities and enjoyment and to that end Fountains Retirement Village features landscaped gardens designed and created by professionals. Water features and walk ways through indigenous gardens add to the beauty of the village.

The professionals also put their green touch to all areas of the village. Public areas and strategic green belts feature throughout the development. Roads and pavements, not to mention waterways and lawns, also get the professional (and indigenous) touch.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a gardener, you'll love the on-site nursery where you can get all the advice you need from our on-site horticulturist. The village gardens feature a built-in irrigation system.

A full garden maintenance service is provided to keep your garden looking at its best. If you do like to do a little gardening yourself, simply ask the team to help you wherever needed.

Full building maintenance service. A full team of maintenance workers takes care of homes, fountains and the village's roads and public areas.

Recreation centre. Enjoy socialising with friends and family in our affordable restaurant where our qualified nutritionist provides three healthy meals a day and where take-away meals can be ordered, and delivered to your doorstep. Private functions and those special occasions are also catered for by arrangement.

There are many other facilities for your enjoyment and recreation. Join your friends for happy hour in the cocktail bar or his and hers hobby workshops. The library, big screen movies, hairdresser and other health and beauty services will also prove to be a big hit.

Fitness and Exercise. Prevention is always better than cure, so make use of the recreation centre, gym, heated swimming pool and the many classes by professionals to help maintain your core strength and stability, relief from stress and back pain, better posture and improved balance and co-ordination. Talks on general health, Fitness, nutrition, weight management and overall wellness programmes will also be arranged.

Porter services. Take advantage of our porter service to ferry you around our Retirement Village and lend a helping hand to make your life more comfortable with wheelchairs, luggage and/or heavy parcels. The service also runs regular trips to the beach, Jeffreys Bay village, the Regional Mall and other shopping centres and Port Elizabeth.

Health Care. The last thing you want to have to worry about is who is going to take care of you in your old age or in times of ill health. Our team of professional caregivers are committed to providing the ultimate in Healthcare, from the occasional coughs and colds through to step down care, rehabilitation and frail care.

Should you need physical help around your home, domestic cleaners and a fully staffed coin-operated laundry are available.

The communication age. Leaving the world of business need not mean you are out of contact with friends, family and the world in general. Through a sophisticated computer server driven network of fibre optic cables, all homes are provided with a telephone line providing discounted call rates, all SABC, ETV and DSTV services, a high speed internet connection with personalised website and two internet addresses and a link into our in-house CCTV security network.

Stable levies. Your levies are fixed for life or the duration of the occupation of your home. The sooner you invest in your new home, the sooner you start saving a fortune on your monthly living costs. With current inflation projections in South Africa, this is one way to ensure that your capital and current income levels will cover your future living expenses.

Low cost registration of ownership. We are committed to making the acquisition of your new premium home as easy and affordable as possible by charging market related value-for-money prices and an extremely low cost for ownership registration.

Security. Crime is escalating throughout our beautiful country. Are you tired of living in fear? Come to the Fountains. The village provides premium security, so that residents live in a crime free environment.

Downloadable information

You can download the village information brochure in Microsoft Word document format (file size: 108kb).

You can download the village summary document in Microsoft Word document format (file size: 100kb).


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