Security - premium grade

Excellent security. Although there are increasing levels of violent crime around the country, Jeffreys Bay is still relatively crime free. We are however fully committed to providing the highest levels of security to ensure peace of mind at all times for you and your possessions. The retirement village is fully walled or fenced and these are electronically monitored and infrared camera patrolled. The security control room will be manned around the clock seven days a week, and backed up by two way radio linked security guards on patrol and ready to immediately respond to your respective needs.

Biometric Access Control. All access to the village is camera monitored using biometrics (finger print readers); this includes all pedestrian gates and motor vehicle entrances which will also boast camera intercoms, booms and tyre spikes.

Automated lockup garages. Automated lockup garages provide peace of mind for your vehicles and any personal possessions which you may choose to store.

Panic button. Each home is fitted with a panic button for medical or any other emergencies, and your television set can also be tuned in to the security channel so that you can see what is happening on up to 9 cameras at any one time. You could also use your telephone intercom to call the security guards.


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