Rules Of Conduct

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Applicable to the occupants, as defined in the contract to which this annexure is annexed.

1. Motor vehicles

1.1 Occupants and occupants' visitors may only park their motor vehicles on specific demarcated areas.
1.2 No repairs or reconditioning of any kind to motor vehicles is allowed in the village.
1.3 There is specially demarcated areas for washing your motor vehicle in the village. You may only wash your vehicle in these areas.
1.4 Vehicles are not allowed to travel faster than 25 kilometres per hour in the village, as defined in the contract.
1.5 Occupants should have their motor vehicles in their garage at all times, so that there is space for neighbouring garages / carports or homes.

2. Cycles and other forms of transport

2.1 You may not ride your bicycle anywhere in the village where it is in danger of being an obstruction to road traffic or pedestrian traffic.
2.2 No skateboards, roller skates or box carts are allowed in the village.
2.3 If you want to bring your commercial vehicle/s, caravan/s, boat/s, trailer/s into the village, you need prior written permission from the management association. The aforesaid objects may only be parked in areas designated for this purpose. The management association will be in control of deciding where these areas are.

3. Laundry

3.1 The village will have specific areas for you to hang your washing out. The management association will decide on where the appropriate areas are.
3.2 You hang out your washing at your own risk.
3.3 You are not allowed to hang out your laundry where it is visible for others to see.

4. Sanitary services

4.1 The company or management association will decide upon a specific place for you to put your rubbish bins. You may only use these areas to place your bin/s. Your rubbish bin/s may not be visible from the common property.
4.2 You must handle rubbish only according to the regulations of the local authority responsible for the village. For example, you must wrap broken glass in two layers of newspaper before disposing of it.
4.3 You are not allowed to leave any rubbish or refuse anywhere in the village, or where it may be visible from the village. This is applicable at all times, except for days when refuse is collected (excluding public holidays), in which case your rubbish or refuse must be out early in the morning, and contained in a proper container. You must use a black bin and black plastic bags in each drying yard.
4.4 If you or domestic staff take refuse to the refuse removal area, your refuse must be deposited in the containers provided by the municipality.

5. Silence

5.1 Silence must be maintained between 22h00 and 07h00.
5.2 Motor hooters may not be sounded in the Village.
5.3 Radios, musical instruments, record and CD players and TV sets must be used in such manner as not to be heard in adjoining units or on the common property.

6. Gardening and plants

Occupants will be permitted to plant shrubs, flowers and trees on common property, provided the consent of the company has first been obtained, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. All gardening shall be done by the persons authorised by the company, unless specifically otherwise agreed.

7. Private gardens

7.1 Private gardens must be kept neat at all times.
7.2 Garden tools and other equipment may not be kept in any place where they will be in view from other units or any portion of the common property.
7.3 Braaivleis equipment is only permitted outside a unit when in use.

8. Parking areas

Only motor vehicles or motor cycles may be kept in carports.

9. Visitors and children

9.1 Visitors may, with the prior written consent of the management association, reside in the home of a host for a period not exceeding 3 weeks; which period may be extended by the management association from time to time.
9.2 Unless a person fulfils the requirements of clause 10 of the contract, such person shall not without obtaining the written approval by all the members of the management association and the trustees of the company, be permitted to permanently reside in any of the homes.
9.3 No ball games are permissible in areas other than those specifically designated for that purpose.
9.4 Occupants must supervise their children and the children of their visitors so that no damage or nuisance is caused to the common property, or the homes of other occupants. In particular, children may not interfere with the post boxes, plants, decorations, name plates, fire hose reels, exterior lights, etc, but not restricted thereto.

10. Activities on common property:

10.1 No hobbies or other activities may be conducted on the common property, if they would cause a nuisance to other occupants.
10.2 Hobbies and other activities which in the sole and absolute opinion of the management association cause undue noise are not permitted at all.
10.3 Domestic Services
10.3.1 Domestic staff of occupants will be allowed into the Village, only with the written permission of the management association but may not reside in the Village.
10.3.2 Occupants must ensure that their domestic staff does not loiter on the common property.
10.3.3 Occupants must ensure that their domestic staff does not cause undue noise on the common property.

11. Sundry provisions

11.1 Cigarette ends and other objects may not be thrown from windows, stoeps and patios or deposited on any part of the common property.
11.2 Common property and garden areas must be kept neat at all times.
11.3 Inflammable or other dangerous material or articles may not be brought into or stored in the Village except with the prior written consent of the management association.
11.4 The gardeners and cleaners employed by the management association may not be employed to do any private work for the occupants, unless specifically authorised by the management association.
11.5 No firearms or air guns may be discharged in the Village.
11.6 No stones or other solid objects may be thrown in the Village.
11.7 Should any damage of whatsoever nature be caused to any portion of the property in the Village by the occupant, his/her family, his/her tenants, his/her visitors or his/her pets or those pets of his/her family, his/her tenants or his/her visitors, the occupant shall be liable to reimburse the company for the cost of repairing such damage.

12. Pets

12.1 Occupants shall, with the written permission of the management association, be entitled to keep one suitable dog and one suitable cat on the premises. All such dogs shall be leashed, and all such dogs and cats shall be properly controlled when on the common property or any portion of the premises. Should there be any dispute as to what constitutes a “suitable” dog or cat, such decision shall be referred to the management association whose findings shall be final and binding.
12.2 No accommodation for any pets kept by an occupant can be sited at any place where it may be in view from any portion of the common property, as defined in the contract to which this annexure is annexed, or the adjoining homes.
12.3 The removal of any excrement left on the common property by pets of the occupants, shall be the responsibility of the aforesaid occupant concerned.

13. Visitors and tenants

13.1 Each occupant is responsible for the conduct of his/her visitors or tenants and must ensure that these rules contained within this annexure are adhered to.


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