Healthcare Facilities. Fountains Retirement Village offers residents top class healthcare facilities. There are 4 levels of care which are provided to all residents as follows:

1. Frailcare Centre. The village has a full-time frail care centre for up to 40 frail residents. Suites are monitored 24 hours per day, with panic buttons for summoning assistance. Application is also being made for a sub-acute licence in order to provide your medical aid funded step down care for those needing temporary hospitalisation to recover from operations or serious conditions of ill health.

2. Rehabilitation Centre. Those recovering from operations will find the rehabilitation centre a wonderful place to get all the support they need to regain strength, have dressings changed and healing and health progress monitored.

3. Mid-care or Assisted Living. If you require infrequent medical care but are not well enough or strong enough to get to the daily nursing sister clinic at the Recreation Centre, these services will be provided in your own homes at nominal cost. Our professional care givers will also be available to help with any other physical needs like showering, dressing, home cleaning, laundry or meals.

4. Nursing Sister Clinic. A daily nursing sister clinic is also available at the Recreation Centre for your coughs and colds or checking things like dressings, blood pressure and insulin levels.

Do not forget that the Policlinic medical centre is right next door to our Village. They provide 24 hour casualty, ambulance and all callout emergency services, a procedure room where patients can be stabilised prior to hospitalisation and all the relevant doctors, dentists and others supplying all your medical needs.


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