Fitness and exercise

Walking, jogging and cycling paths. The Retirement Village falls within the 630ha multi-use Fountains Estate which includes Light Industrial and Commercial areas and a large Residential development. Within this estate are many waterways where retention dams are being built providing wonderfull opportunities for walking, jogging and cycling trails along the rivers and through the green areas and public open spaces. All of these fall within the security fenced areas providing safe and secure enjoyment of the outdoors and your exercise programme.

If you're a cyclist who enjoys partaking in the Argus and 94.7 etc, longer group training outrides will be arranged and if you need a secure way to transport your bicycle when you fly to these races, visit the BikeSafe website to view South Africa's very own hard shell bicycle case.

Physiotherapy. For those tired and aching muscles or stiff joints, a nutritionist, physiotherapist and biokineticist will be available on-site by appointment.

Biokinetics. A Biokineticist is an exercise specialist who enhances a person's well being through physical assessment, education, and the prescription of safe, individualised exercises to promote a healthy lifestyle and quality of life. They are a part of the medical team specialising in preventative medicine and final phase rehabilitation.

Gymnasium. If you like to work out regularly, or build your strength and metabolism we recommend you follow a regular routine of weight training, and a stretch programme. You'll love our fully equipped gymnasium where you can also book for classes or personal trainers by arrangement.

Personal Trainers. At this stage of your life you will appreciate the wisdom of working smart rather than working hard. Book a personal trainer who will guide you into 'intelligent exercise' to promote core strength and stability, longer leaner muscles, relief from stress and back pain, better posture and improved balance and co-ordination.


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